SCAM - Montana Capital Car Title Loans

we have heard about this company and know that there scamming customers . we have gotten calls about them taking money and never contacting there customers.


this is not a business that is NOT associated with us

please contact google and send feedback to them to let them know that this is a SCAM location posting

if you are seeing this, and a victim of Montana capital please contact the local police non emergency hotline.


Lines from Space

See on Youtube

we have found out that the Calfornia DMV website dues not have correct Times listed at there offices. and due to the large number of people renewing there RealID the DMV lines are longer than ever. no fear Edmar Insurance is here. we can take care of your registration services, same day at any of our locations, even over the phone.


Digital License Plate

The first digital license plate is here. It trades metal and stickers for a black-and-white, 4G-connected, e-reader-like screen. The tech just launched in pilot in California and Arizona, and the company has a few more states in the works for this year along with up to twice as many for next year.