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As an Insurance Agency that maintains its commitment to good customer service and products of quality to our clients, Edmar Insurance Services takes great care in considering the Insurance Companies that it will represent and broker for.  Rest assured that our commitment to our clients and their insurance needs are in good hands.  We Got you Covered!™

All claims are handled by the Insurance Company that issues your policy.  They are prepared for your claims needs and are true professionals in their responsibility to assist you promptly and expeditioulsy.  Your Insurance ID Card has all the information that you will need when reporting an accident.  Edmar Insurance Services is your insurance agency only and it cannot process your claim.  You can always contact us.

Claims Simple 3-Step Process

1.Locate Your Auto Insurance ID Card: When you have an auto insurance you should also have an insurance ID Card.  This ID card contains all the information you need to report your accident (Policy #, Insurance Company Name, Claims Department Phone #). See the full list here. If you cannot locate your ID Card contact us and we can provide the information for you.

2.Dial Your Claims Department: Your Careers Claims Department will handle your loss from beginning to end.  They will ask you all questions in regards to the accident.  Please provide as much information as possible as this can expedite payment for your claim.  At the end of your phone call please remember to obtain a Claim Number and Contact Information to follow up and future questions or concerns.  Typically a dedicated Adjuster will be assigned for your claim, if this is the case then this is the person who you should direct all questions and concerns in regards to your claim.

3.Wait For Claim To Be Processed:  It’s this simple!..It is important to understand that claims processed much faster than others.  This is due typically to the different variables that may apply to different claims.  However, we always advice our clients to stay in constant communication with your claims department or claims adjuster.  

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